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Environment and Company Policy

Company Policy

Acorn Recyclers recognise the importance of protecting the environment for future generations and for the future of its employees. Our aims are to minimise the impact we have on the environment, recycle and recover as much recyclable material as possible and to operate in a health and safety conscious manner.
Acorn Recyclers strong philosophies lie in diverting from landfill and contributing to a greener Britain. Investing in new recycling technology and machinery allows us to act on our philosophies, offering clients the most effective way to recycle their waste.

Recycling is one of the best ways for you and your company to make a positive impact on the environment, limiting the amount of harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses released from landfill sites, deforestation and preserve rain forests. By recycling more material we can help to save the large amount of energy used when making products from raw materials, saving irreplaceable natural resources. We believe that creating new products out of old is valuable to the environment and to future generations.

Acorn would like to encourage the closure of landfill sites, limit incineration, limit illegal dumping and encourage people to buy recycled products where ever possible, helping to minimise the impact on the environment and help sustain it for future generations.